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The Full Story


After working in the corporate world in accounting and real estate, I decided to raise my children and develop my love for art.  Although I did design of residential real estate, my true love has been gemstones and jewelry design since I was a child.  I never got the rock polisher I wanted as a child, but I have received the tools and inspiration for when I was ready to explore by desires.  As I raised my children and had the trials off life show up.  I took time to look within, became a Certified Yoga & Meditation instructor and searched for a deeper meaning of life...I have found it in my family, friends and my artistic expression.  


During this inner reflection and  search I met many other woman and men in search of a deeper meaning.  My goal is to create to nurture your soul.  I believe we all need to be inspired, feel worthy and loved.  I Believe in YOU! GO FOR YOUR DREAMS


My vision is to continue to create one of a kind and unique jewelry that enhances your sense of self and beauty.  I will also continue expand on my sacred space offerings.  In our Sacred Space we find our soul, our dreams and our truth!

With Gratitude, Pamela

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