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Purify and Sage your home, office, babys room and personal self with this amazing Cleansing Ritual Kit.  Saging and Rituals are a time honored practice of the ancients to invoke cleansing, manifestation and honor.


* White Sage smudge stick with lavender and babys breath.  White Sage is Anitmicrobial and Antibacterial, clears out spiritual impurities and pathogens.

* Ethical Ecuadorian Palo Santo - the "Holy Wood" for energy cleansing and purification.

* Selenite Wand to place in your Sacred Space or can be used to wave over yourself  to purify bad juju.

* Black Tourmaline for Grounding, Protection from Negative Energies & Cleansing of Auric Field.

* Clear Quartz Crystal, know as the Master Healer, Amplifies Clarity, Intention and Manifestation.

* Guinea Fowl Feather to wave and smudge your Sage and Palo Santo smoke. 

* Abundance Candle and Cleansing Invocation Scroll.  

Energy Cleanse Ritual Kit

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