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Journey Wraps are our most popular item in my store!


These lovely Journey Wraps, represent all the random events and wonderful surprises on your journey through life.


Each wrap festures:

💫 A Heart for Love.


💫 A Gold or Silver Nugget for Wealth & Abundance.


💫 Herkimer Diamonds for amplification of manifestation and intention.


Can be worn as a bracelet, long necklace, or a shorter double necklace.


Measures 36" with 2" extender. Wraps 5 times.


Gold filled or sterling extender with gold vermeil or sterling silver accents and charms.


This Watermelon Tourmaline wrap for Love, is accented with a blooming flower to celebrate your blossoming and beauty in life.


Your choice:

💫 Faceted Watermelon Tourmaline with Gold Blooming Lotus Flower


💫 Smooth Watermelon Tourmaline with Sterling Blooming Lotus flower.


Custom sizing available. Email me @, after your order is placed, if another size is needed

Journey Wrap - Watermelon Tourmaline

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