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Bath Rituals are on of the most healing and magical forms of practice for self care.  Water hold an ancient wisdom when infused with intentional herbs and essences to experience relaxation, nurturing  and self love.


The smell of our Rose Love Soak is absolutely amazing and the feel in the tub is purely luxurious!  


Handmade with all natural ingredients:

Epsom Salts

Himilayan Sea Salts

Jojoba Oil

Vitamin E 

Essence of Rose and Natural Fragrances

Rose Petals and Herbs. 

8 Oz Tubs 


Pour desired amount under hot water and soak.  Can also be used to exfoliate and render a polished and luxuries smoothness to skin.  Remove any flower petals before draining tub, as petals will not drain.  


Enjoy the Essence of YOU!

Love Soak

$22.00 Regular Price
$17.60Sale Price
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